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Posted on February 13, 2019

Help Shape the Future in Vancouver!

Photo by Bradley Hook

Downtown Vancouver is a utopia of glass and steel, the intersection of culture, business and progress. It’s a place where the future is made. It’s the place you need to be, and here are just a few reasons why.


Nobody out there, with the possible exception of Missy Elliott, is the total package like Busta Rhymes is, was, and always will be. A visionary in sound, rhyme, fashion and even video production, Busta is the best of the best of the best of the best. His rhymes are timeless and completely his own, and seeing him in concert is like a masterclass in style, swag, confidence and timelessness. He’s playing Venue Nightclub March 9 and if you miss it you will be poorer for it. Kanye’s a bigger ticket, but if you want the real deal, check out Busta Rhymes.


Vancouver’s tech community is ALIVE, full of innovative and forward thinking. People in Vancouver aren’t afraid to dream the future, to gamble with projects and start-ups that matter, and win big.

If you’re a dreamer, a visionary, or just a business person who’s in it to win it, then you can’t afford to miss the BC Tech Summit. Featuring geniuses sharing their findings on the innovations of the future, including AI, robotics, blockchain, manufacturing, VR/AR and more this is more than a conference – this is a decision to help shape what is to come. Come find your people and be part of the next step – and maybe make some money while you’re doing it!

If you want to show that you’re a part of the future, book your room at the most forward thinking hotel in Vancouver. Hotel Blu is located in one of Vancouver’s most exciting neighbourhoods, and features hospitality technology that everyone will have… in twenty years. Book your stay today and discover the future.

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