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Posted on February 23, 2019

Challenge Yourself in Vancouver

Photo by PXhere

To truly evolve you need to be challenged. Here are some events in Vancouver next month that will help you become better than you already are.


Michelle Obama was more than a first lady. As the wife of President Barack Obama, Michelle Obama was a thought leader who used her position of influence to promote good. For eight years, she exemplified the grace and dignity befitting that office. Of course, what we often forget is that Michelle Obama has a long history as an activist and organizer and is in every way her husband’s equal; on March 21 at Rogers Arena, you can see Michelle Obama in an intimate conversation where she will share her views on the current state of politics in America and worldwide, the importance of values in your life and more. It’s sure to be absolutely enlightening.


Dance is one of the most endlessly innovative and provocative dance forms out there. In a world that wants to control our bodies, dancers learn how to exert control over their own limbs and shapes, forcing them into awe-inspiring and profound shapes in the service of their art.

The Vancouver International Dance Festival is one of the largest modern dance festivals in Canada and features over a dozen powerful shows with dates throughout March. There will be great variety in the performances this year: Daina Ashbee’s Serpentine will feature radical vulnerability that demands your interpretation; Kelly McInnes’ SHINY will call attention to the way that beauty standards distort women’s bodies; Vision Impure’s Pathways is an athletic demonstration that calls to mind how difficult it is to relate to others. Every piece will be inspiring and provocative.

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