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Posted on March 14, 2019

Experience Live Music in Vancouver!

Photo by Anna-M W.


LA’s Steel Panther are the best kind of parody act. By drawing attention to the ridiculous excess of 80s hair metal, they let you laugh while still enjoying AMAZING 80s style rock and roll! Put on some day-glow spandex, buy a cheap beer and listen to hilarious and absurdly infectious songs like “Community Property,” “Party Like The End of The World is Tomorrow,”  “The Shocker” and more during three shows, April 11-13 at the Commodore Ballroom!


These two legends are back on tour together! Back in the 80s, The Pixies defined what would come to be known as “alternative” music with their bizarre lyrics, angular riffs and forward-facing sound that is STILL ahead of its time; songs like “Here Comes Your Man,” “Where is My Mind” and “This Monkey’s Gone to Heaven” are for the ages.  In the 90s, Rivers Cuomo and Weezer updated the formula, finding how to make personal songs massive radio hits, all the way from “Buddy Holly” right up to instant classics like “We Are All on Drugs” and “Pork and Beans.” Together, they’re one of the best rock concerts you’ll ever hope to see, and they’re playing April 7 at Rogers Arena.


Parisian producer and performer Vincent Fenton’s stage name is French Kiwi Juice, or FKJ for short, and he’s one of the hottest up and coming DJs in the world right now.  At the forefront of the New French House, FKJ combines samples with warm musical elements like jazz riffs, groovy beats and silky guest vocals. It’s sexy music to sway to, preferably holding someone special while you do it.  

There’s been a lot of buzz around FKJ for the last year and he just released his first album this March – get in on the ground floor of this amazing act at what is sure to be one of the most exciting shows of the year at the Commodore Ballroom on April 5.

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