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Posted on May 23, 2019

The Biggest Name in Hip Hop are Coming to Vancouver!

Image: Michael Thoeny, some rights reserved

Vancouver has great concerts, but this June is something else. Two of the greatest acts in hip hop history are performing and we can’t wait.


Wu-Tang Clan ain’t nothing to… well, you know the rest.

That’s right. The RZA. The GZA. Method Man. Redman. Ghostface Killa. The full roster of the 36 Chambers including ODB’s son, Young Dirty Bastard, is coming to the Queen Elizabeth Theatre on June 23.

Wu-Tang were Wu-Tang before they were a supergroup, but every single member of the Clan is a heavy-hitter in their own right, and when they combine their powers they are one of the most important acts in the history of music. If you’re down with the Killer Bees you can’t afford to miss this one.

And remember: Wu-Tang is for the children.


Let’s get one thing straight: the Roots aren’t lucky to be Jimmy Fallon’s house band. Jimmy Fallon is lucky to have the Roots as his house band.
That’s because these hip hop impresarios have been changing the rules of the game for decades now, delivering wise, soulful and socially conscious rap with live instrumentation and deep grooves. They’re a band that has never stopped getting better and while it may seem like they’ve lost relevance because their day job is playing celebs onto the Tonight Show stage, you better believe that live performances by the Roots are incendiary – an enlightened mix of jazz, rap and funk.

They’re going to be playing at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre here in Vancouver on June 28. It’s going to be incredible.
Wu-Tang and the Roots were always the best of the old school while pointing to the new school – and we’d like to think we’re similar at Hotel Blu. We specialize in bringing old-school comfort with new-school luxury, including our in-room e-concierge Roxy. Figure out which concert you can attend, if not both, and book your room now!

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