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Posted on January 14, 2020

Perfect Yourself in Vancouver

Image: Pexels

Some people say perfection isn’t possible. They may be right, but in saying so they miss the importance of seeking perfection. If you don’t strive to be perfect, you’ll never achieve your own greatness. In other words, the journey toward perfection is its’ own reward.

If you’re seeking perfection, you won’t find it in Vancouver – but we promise you’ll get closer to it.


If you’ve ever seen a performance by Cirque de Soleil and wished you could perform the amazing feats of anti-gravity that these performers seem to be able to pull off, you’re in luck – it’s possible! Acro is the latest fitness sensation that’s one part Yoga, one part acrobatics, and one part the most intense physical expression of grace and beauty you’ve ever seen.

If you’re looking to level up your physical fitness regime, make your way to Vancouver on January 31 to Feb 2 to take part in Vancouver Acrofest. Dozens of instructors will guide you through every level of acro, teaching you the dynamics of balance and helping you develop the strength needed to lift another body into the air. Pretty soon you can find yourself defying gravity and flying effortlessly through the air like the amazing Cirque performers. It’s challenging, and astounding to see. 


Cocktails are the chemistry of taste. If you’ve ever savoured a cocktail at an upscale bar and a high-ball at some local pub, you know there is a world of difference between what a trained mixologist and an entry-level bartender can create with just a few ingredients. Truly great cocktails are made with care, sensitivity, and science.

Visit the Telus World of Science on February 6 for a 19+ only event where experts will demonstrate the science of taste and mixology! Best of all, you’ll have an opportunity to sample a number of unique cocktails that will leave you feeling no pain. Learn how to put together sublime concoctions and have a great time while you’re at it!

While we’re not claiming Hotel Blu Vancouver is perfect – we will say that we are always striving towards it, offering you an unforgettable boutique hotel stay experience. Our downtown location is ideal for accessing entertainment venues and a host of fabulous dining options. Our deluxe accommodations are elegantly furnished with guest amenities such as plush premium bedding, convenient kitchen appliances, complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi, 55-inch 4K Smart TV, and speech-enabled personal in-room concierge service and much more. Make your reservations at Hotel Blu today!

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