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Posted on April 13, 2019

Explore the Power of Thought in Vancouver

Photo by pxhere

To stay on the cutting edge, you need to recognize greatness when you see it and listen to wisdom when it’s offered. Luckily, Vancouver has some incredibly exciting talks this month so you can step up!


On May 2, Vancouver is lucky enough to be visited by these two titans of American politics as part of a 13 city tour across North America.  
Whatever your politics, there is no denying that both Bill and Hillary are among the most powerful people in the world, privy to the highest echelons of state. Their lives have been intertwined with the last thirty years, and they are coming to share their deep insights into the forces that shaped them into the figures they are today, the problems faced by the human species today, and the path going forward.

In many ways, this is an unprecedented opportunity. If you consider yourself a thought leader you can’t afford to miss this powerful, candid conversation with these two historical figures.


The most famous astronaut since Neil Armstrong, Chris Hadfield is a Canadian icon. This soft-spoken but brilliant individual is perhaps best known for his rendition of David Bowie’s “Space Oddity,” performed while IN the international space station, a video that has been viewed by over 75 million people and that Bowie himself has praised. His long and illustrious career reflects Canada’s role in space exploration and he has incredible insights to share.
Hadfield will speak at the Vancouver Orpheum on May 6 as part of his “Exploration: Where We’re Going Next” tour. Come get a sense of what Earth looks like to someone who has lived away from it.

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